Your mobile customers are constantly working at the edge of wireless networks. They encounter hundreds of overlapping Cellular and Wi-Fi networks every day, especially when traveling, and their devices don't automatically deliver the best connections. When underperforming networks are used, video calls drag or drop, and your users blame your application first. 


Solve this problem with intelligent connectivity software that can be injected into current application with an SDK. This allows your customers to take advantage of the most advanced Network Aggregation and Handover techniques immediately, using the smart devices they are already carrying.



What can NCP do for you?

  • Eliminate video call latency or drops at the edge of networks to ensure a better end-user experience.
  • Use the same connectivity techniques that the largest mobile operators use to keep your end users connected wherever they go
  • Deliver a superior connected experience by seamlessly transitioning users between wireless networks
  • Maximize reliability for mobile video communications by aggregating Wi-Fi and Cellular networks for seamless network connectivity
  • Deliver a premium communications service with advanced mobile connectivity that keeps your end-users connected and productive
  • Empower the mobile workforce with better connectivity for users on the go regardless of their wireless network­­­­­
  • Automate network connectivity so users can focus on being productive and delivering business outcomes
  • Leverage end-user connectivity analytics from the device level, enabling real-time testing for service delivery optimization and customer issue resolution 


View our Gapless Handover and Aggregation technology in a video demo